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Support leaders who daringly aspire to improve culture to make work engaging and purposeful.


Set the standard for workplace culture where being valued and respected is pervasive.

About Sam

The Story

My story starts with you.

The single most important contribution I’ve made throughout my career is helping people like you see the strengths within themselves which enabled them to make better decisions, hold difficult conversations, and motivate themselves and their teams to great outcomes.


Turns out, I've been a coach my whole career, I just called it, "being a decent supervisor."

The more I have learned about supervision and coaching, they both are very natural to me. It is my responsibility to help others use their strengths to thrive. I really couldn't care less what conventional wisdom says, or what I think is right, as long as you get to your best answer leading to your stated goal.

I am naturally curious about how people experience leadership. I am passionate about the impact leadership has on job satisfaction and retention. My experience and research indicates that a satisfied and engaged employee will be a better service provider to their direct reports, supervisors, and most importantly, the customers. Retaining quality employees builds loyalty and is financially responsible compared to having a revolving door of employees being hired and quitting in rapid succession. Such turnover is 100% preventable if leadership is willing to take action. High employee satisfaction is achieved through quality supervision achieved through coaching, training, and practice.

How do I know? I've lived it. I have improved longevity, increased diversity, and created work cultures where people had both permission and support to share wild ideas, do new things, and hold each other accountable in caring ways. It is a very rare situation where I will tell anyone what to do; most situations have plenty of room for considering multiple approaches to provide opportunities to enjoy creativity, autonomy, and purpose.

I operate rather consistently.

A colleague of mine said that I run at 70 degrees. This means:

  • No outbursts justified as passion.

  • No disengagement disguised as introspection.

  • Consistency, clarity, objectivity, and a singular focus: you, the client.​

Even at 70 degrees, I don't mind bringing a little spiciness to the conversation as needed. 

Clients engage with me in meaningful ways that are full of empowerment, curiosity, respect, and fully absent of judgment. You can expect me to be focused on your story to help you reduce stress and wasted time due to poor communication, get your team to be more productive, and be with you on your journey as no leader should have to feel like they must go it alone.


Amongst my background, I have a variety of certifications including:

A Different Cup of Tea

It is absolutely possible that I'm not your cup of tea. I would be without integrity if I suggested I should work with everyone. If you know I'm not your people from what you've read, thank you for reading. Also, here are some additional and more awesome people who are fabulous coaches and just might be more closely aligned with you:

Monica Wales

Financial Coach and Owner of Coaching Freedom

I'm a Financial Coach because I live in the freedom that being debt-free allows. I want that for YOU and your family.

What would be possible if you weren't paying off debt, or if you paid off your house early? 


Jen Westra

Life Coach and Owner of Life On Purpose Coaching

I help women unlearn limiting stories and beliefs so they can be Unstoppable.

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