College Student Success

Complimentary Consultation

30 min

One time

The cost of this consultation to you is your time. Before we engage in a consulting relationship, I recommend we first discuss the challenges you are facing. By the end of the discussion, I hope to understand your situation, offer how I may be of assistance, then leave it to you to decide how to proceed.

I would be happy to meet with you to earn the opportunity to help you on your journey.

College Student Success

One-Time Consult

30 min

During the college experience, there can be confusing expectations and processes. A parent might call expecting to talk to the student’s professor the same way they did the English teacher in high school, not realizing there are different rules for this in college compared to K-12. A student might not understand how to judge their grade when no grades have been posted.


Typically, this consulting service is best utilized by the student or family who need clarity with one or two concerns or questions rather than more consistent guidance.

College Student Success

Family Consultation

30 min / week

One month or more

No student should manage college on their own. Utilizing parents and partners to support, challenge and as resources can help a student achieve their educational goals. This one-time consultation will address usually one or two concerns. You get to decide where you need assistance and some examples might be parent/student interaction during college, when the student comes back home for winter break, or when parents notice a change in behavior they don’t quite recognize or understand.


This option could be the perfect fit for the family who is mostly comfortable with their student's college experience, but would like some guidance just the same.

College Student Success

Student / Family Consulting Retainer

30 min / week

Three months or more

A student's life as a college student will evolve and the family will continue to adjust. Common adjustments include how often the student comes home, adjusting to college-level work, summer plans, and that rare instance when the student has the chance to meet a student conduct hearing officer. New experiences, management of expectations and concerns, and unexpected opportunities show up at predictable times and when you least expect it. Working through it with an experienced guide can help.


One-on-one coaching and family consults for a monthly rate includes up to four scheduled consultations with any combination of student, family or both with the option of adding more consultations if needed. The rate includes the time spent meeting as well as any work done in preparation for or response to the in-person meetings.

College Student Success

First Year Package

30 min / week

One year

Student who succeed during their first year of college establish a foundation for success for their entire college experience. The First Year Package will run for one calendar year beginning in June before the student starts school and continuing through the following May.

This package includes student and family consultations as they prepare to go to summer orientation, move to campus, settle in to residence hall life, figure out the first year schedule, seek employment, manage a new schedule, prepare for mid-terms, come home for winter break, work through the winter months, prepare for the next year, take finals, and take stock of the year.

There are more opportunities than these to request assistance. The First Year package assures opportunities for check-ins and conversations around more significant issues.

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