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Leading Through Burnout
BizStreet fueled by GSI
May 19, 2021

Breakout #1: Ahh, the memories of 2020

In the last year, what has most shocked your script that has had a lasting impact?


Breakout #2: Check Your Dashboard


Which if any of the indicators of burnout (included below) ring true with you?

  • Doesn’t have to be your current emotion.

  • Doesn’t have to be you at all (maybe a colleague confided in you)


  1. You don’t get excited about work anymore

  2. You’ve stopped putting in effort (just enough to not get fired)

  3. Your performance is suffering (errors, not meeting deadlines, etc)

  4. You’re totally exhausted

  5. You’re dealing with physical ailments (insomnia, chest pain, fatigue, increased illness, etc.)

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