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The Story:

I'm a straight-shooter who uses tact and honesty to help leaders look at a situation with clarity and make a decision through exploration of possible outcomes. Bringing many years of experience in leadership coaching, recruitment, hiring, training, management, supervision, professional development, disciplinary responses, and termination, I help leaders set the foundation for continuous improvement.

The most important cultural phenomenon any organization can foster is employee satisfaction.


A satisfied and engaged employee will be a better service provider to their direct reports, supervisors, and most importantly, the customers. Retaining quality employees builds loyalty and is financially responsible compared to having a revolving door of employees being hired and quitting in rapid succession. Such turnover is 100% preventable if leadership is willing to take action. High employee satisfaction is achieved through quality supervision achieved through coaching, training, and practice.

Organizations seeking a hands-on approach to 360 evaluations will benefit from my experience. Even without a full evaluation, consultations with portions of the organization can also be beneficial to understanding the culture. I help organizations and individuals get to the core of the matter they are facing. It is not uncommon that the issue is different than the concern. But the only way to find out is through honest, data-driven examination. For organizations and individuals who are ready to dig deep to explore, I am ready to assist.

A colleague of Dr. Sam's said that he runs at 70 degrees.
No outbursts disregarded as passion.
No disengagement disguised as introspection.


Consistency, clarity, objectivity, and a singular focus: you, the client.


Clients engage with Dr. Sam in meaningful ways that are full of empowerment, curiosity, respect, and fully absent of judgement.

“Dr. Sam Jennings is such a great resource - an objective, grounded, balanced, intelligent listener who offers solutions or perspectives you might not have considered... A definite value and a great coach.”

Head of Organizational Development

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