Success may be a matter of seeing the world with a new perspective.

360 Clarity will help leaders

  • improve culture

  • manage change

  • set goals

  • conduct evaluation processes

  • empower creative solutions

  • review policies

  • facilitate root cause analysis

  • troubleshoot areas of concern

Services tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.

360 Clarity Services

Companies and organizations are moving to a work-from-home model. Supervising remotely, especially for the first time can be difficult. Supervisor training and coaching will help supervisors transition and help direct reports feel more comfortable with their new work arrangement.

Supervising Remotely

Leadership Development

The cost of this consultation to you is your time. Before we engage in a consulting relationship, I recommend we first discuss the challenges you are facing. By the end of the discussion, I hope to understand your situation, offer how I may be of assistance, then leave it to you to decide how to proceed.

I would be happy to meet with you to earn the opportunity to help you on your journey.

Complimentary Consultation

Leadership Development

Organizations that develop leadership to focus clearly on employee and client satisfaction yield low turnover rates and gain loyalty. Creating the culture requires effort, diligence, and iterative evaluation. This workshop based on your needs can set an organization on the path toward leadership development and higher satisfaction.

Organizational Development Workshop

Leadership Development

A day in the life of a professional can be unpredictable. So can the challenges that are faced daily, weekly, and monthly. The retainer option for individual consultation works well for longer-term needs or when the client can be reasonably assured that their schedule can be changed rapidly.

The retainer assures access to 360 Clarity for the duration of the retainer with responses generally given within one business day or less. The retainer rate includes four contact hours and work done outside of consultations.


Leadership Development

Having written a dissertation on the topic and with years of experience supervising staff, it is clear that satisfied employees are better employees who are better with clients. Let's explore if you're doing everything you can to create a culture that is engaging, supporting, and most importantly, effective.

Leading as a Supervisor

Leadership Development

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