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Midterms Check-In

College students on semester calendars may have midterms in mind. In some cases, midterms seems like just another week of classes. In other cases, midterms cue the first graded assignment or exam which can be a lot of stress. Consider other college experiences that may be occurring now (or are on the horizon):

Self-care: students should be sleeping and eating on an approximately regular schedule at this point. If not, consider why not: still not used to regimented schedule, enjoy freedoms that college life brings, not sure they have the right major so are unsure of the point of being in college.

Relationships: Roommates, roommates, roommates. This is about the time of year when roommates (even you, dear reader) experience the novelty of college living wearing off and perhaps show less patience than previously. Be sure communication stays frequent and open. If you haven’t really spoken to this point, now. Now is a good time to start chatting it up. It starts like this, “So, midterms, huh?”

Food: Eating the same thing every day can be easy on the schedule, but hard on the psyche. Change it up, even if it requires effort or mild discomfort to do so.

Academic Projects: Nearly everyone is BAD at planning. If a midterm project seems like a 2 hour commitment, block off at least 6 hours. Really. Something comes up or the project isn’t nearly as easy as expected.

Tests and Quizzes: The best way to learn something is to teach it. Choosing to group study can be comfortable, but it can be difficult to discern what an individual knows versus the group. If in a group, have each person teach a concept to another, just for the practice of doing so.

Look forward: No matter how midterms go or if life experiences went differently than expected, examine why. If the outcome is not something that should be repeated, than the path that lead to the outcomes should actively be avoided.

Prepare for what’s coming.

Respond to your needs and appreciate people who support you.

Celebrate your successes.

Engage in improving for the next set of challenges.


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