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Who Doesn’t Need a Coach?

In athletics, every player has a coach. Or a few. People at the top of their game have coaches. Serena Williams, Michael Jordan, Usain Bolt, LeBron James, Simone Biles. All have coaches and not one of their coaches can do what the athlete does, certainly not at the same level. So what does the coach bring to the table?

Golden State Warriors’ head coach Steve Kerr reportedly makes $5 million per year on his coaching contract. A while back, he was a championship player. As much as people want to believe that a coach has to have had the experience the players are having, that is not what Kerr pulls from.

Famously or infamously, February 12, 2018, Steve Kerr made the news for NOT coaching his team. He turned the reins over to the players. They won the game. Handily. Some people said Kerr was giving up or shirked his responsibilities to the team. It would certainly appear that way if you expect a coach to get into a frothy mess when things aren’t going well. Here’s what Kerr had to say as quoted at

It’s their team. They have to take ownership of it, and as coaches, our job is to nudge them in the right direction, guide them. But we don’t control them. They determine their own fate.

A coach brings to the table some wisdom, humility, and most importantly, belief in the team. Belief in the leadership capabilities of the team. If you want a coach to tell you what to do with your business, your life, your team, you’re looking for something besides a coach and you’re probably looking to be disappointed. Disappointed when things aren’t fixed because you still will not believe in yourself, your team, and you will have that person you hired to blame for it.

If you want your coach to tell you what you should do based on what they did, you’re probably seeking someone in more of a mentorship role. A mentor can be great and absolutely serve a purpose. Often, that purpose will lean more toward consulting than coaching. If you want your coach to scream at you, bark orders, and motivate you through antagonism or humiliation, well, that’s an entirely different service and you’re welcome to seek that out as you see fit.

Imagine hiring a coach who believes in you, honors your strengths, minimizes your perceived weaknesses, holds you accountable, and helps you learn how to move ahead and get past whatever has you stuck. If this is the coach you are looking for, these characteristics match 360 Clarity.

Whether you’ve never had a coach, or haven’t found the right coaching fit, try it out. Most coaches will offer a complimentary consult which is essentially an interview. Do the coach and client seem to have reasonable expectations, a good connection, and most importantly, a shared vision for what the client can achieve? Whether you connect with 360 Clarity or another coach of your choosing, take the step. Invest in yourself.

Cover Art: Photo by Jeffrey F Lin on Unsplash

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