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Empowering Your Success - Start Now

Imagine a leadership coach who gives you a new perspective that will lead your team to success.

Up to one hour to:

          focus on your goal
          talk through your challenges
          call out the first problem

          create a plan of action

We are so proud of our clients...


I had an opportunity to work with Dr. Jennings, II over the course of several weeks. He not only connected me with solutions that I immediately implemented at work, he also helped me discover some of the strengths that I dismissed. I became more aware of some my blind spots. Dr. Jennings, II took detailed notes that I reference and it helped me unpack thoughts that were once tangled. I feel very fortunate to have met him. 


Dr. Sam Jennings is such a great resource - an objective, grounded, balanced, intelligent listener who offers solutions or perspectives you might not have considered. He pairs listening with goal setting providing tools and steps to reach those goals. He helped me with awareness and insight in ways I didn't have in my everyday professional life. A definite value and a great coach. 


Working with Sam Jennings at 360 Clarity was a decision worth every minute. His coaching helped me shape a unique business project; it went from being an abstract intention to becoming an organized plan with structure. Without a doubt, its development blossomed because of his encouragement and steadfast dedication to adaptable progression, not through aggressive pushing and forcing of concepts. I would work with him again in a heartbeat!

Hey! Is this you?


a decision-maker

wants a better team

not trying to hire a "business bro"

wants a coach, not a consultant

sees possibilities

If you check one or more, let's talk soon!

Where In the World?


Coaching available by Zoom or phone for anyone in or out of the service area.

What's It All About?

cutout (1)_edited.png

"It's not about me."

Dr. Sam Jennings could be heard saying this on any given day throughout his career. After leaving higher education, forming a company was an easy decision. The company would have to  focus on the most important person, the client.

360 - a full and complete view

Clarity - bringing understanding where it was absent

As you build your strong teams through leadership development, you will be the center of the process.

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