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A Welcome Sign

I post my pronouns on my LI profile and my Zoom profile. People ask me why and it's not about me, well, not much.

I have very rarely walked into an open public space and wondered if I should be there. There have been times when I have been in a space and wondered if my presence is detracting from a richer conversation that might occur without me there.

My profiles are up (and have been for a while) because I want others to know, that they are welcome to share their pronouns, and their whole selves, should they so choose. I don't post "SAFE SPACE" and expect every person to spill their whole story. Their story is theirs and whatever they choose to share is also theirs. My responsibility is to hold space for them.

Now that Pride Month has come and gone in 2023, companies, mine included, will return their logos to the standard format without pride flag adornments. But, it's a daily issue, not one month per year. Therefore, I've added the Pride Flag to my website.

When I worked for the state, I did not put a "Safe Zone" sticker on my office door. My thinking was that my space should be safe for everyone and I served students from all over the socio-economic and political spectrum. I made myself known to DEI affinity groups to demonstrate support.

As leaders who lead leaders, it's difficult to balance the nuance of support and exclusion. There is no one right way or one right answer. There is a right way for you. If you care to discuss, please DM me, it would be a great chat.

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