Leadership Coaching

If you are ready and willing for accountability, guidance, and making difficult decisions, we will nudge you toward improvement during every coaching conversation. A part of our service to you, is to help you achieve your goals and approach leadership and team engagement to support and empowering your team.

Coaching packages can be customized for meeting duration, frequency, number of months, and topics covered. The best way to find the right package for your needs is to reach out today. 


Workshops and Training


Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity is a bunch of different people. Inclusion is a bunch of different people who can meaningfully interact with each other.

Explore your team's diversity and how to increase diversity, inclusion, equity, and access for your team.

Team DISC Assessment

Team dynamics might be improved with a potluck or recreational outing. To have sustained quality interactions, teams benefit from understanding their own and one another's communication style.

Workshops are designed for one visit or multiple.

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Supervisor Training

Providing quality supervision isn't always easy. Being attentive to the needs of a diverse staff requires nimble supervisors.

Workshopping supervisory approaches and techniques helps everyone learn and improve.

Partnership Training

North Idaho College's Workforce Training Center and 360 Clarity are teaming up to present workshops and training! These opportunities are budget-friendly and online; no travel required!


Diversity Starter Kit

Diversity does not have to be difficult. Anyone can learn about diversity, but doing something about it is a different story. In the Diversity Starter Kit, participants will learn ways to start the diversity conversation, even when it's a brand new topic or when there isn't much-perceived diversity in their group. Participants who sign up for this class are eligible for a $50 discount on the Create and Maintain a Diverse Team course


authentic leadership

Leadership is a concept used widely and not always with actual leadership in mind. Being a leader is different than being in charge or the boss. Leadership means having the capacity to effectively respond to people and situations to achieve the best possible outcome. The best way to do that is with authentic leadership. There will be eight zoom sessions (Wednesdays, 9am-10am). Students will be notified of the Zoom Meeting links prior to the scheduled meeting times.

Enroll HERE before the end of the day on October 5 for class beginning at 9am on October 6.


Create and Maintain a Diverse Team

If your organization is committed to increasing diversity, starting with hiring more diverse people is not the best first step. Establishing a culture where diversity can exist meaningfully is step one, then hire folks, then keep them. This workshop will provide a roadmap for this process using tried-and-true methods.  There will be three scheduled two-hour Zoom sessions on 10/12, 11/9, and 12/14 (10am-12pm). Students will be notified of the Zoom meeting links prior to the sessions.

Enroll HERE before the end of the day on October 11 for class at 10am on October 12.

Group Hug

Leading from the middle

Leadership comes with challenges and rewards at all levels. Being in the middle comes with particular difficulties. "Leading from the Middle" will focus on mid-level supervisors and address how they can best serve their reports, how they can be appropriately responsive to their supervisor(s), how they can navigate difficult situations, and giving credit where and when it is due.

Enroll HERE before the end of the day on November 15 for class at 9am on November 16.