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  • Organizational development - ​

    • Baldrige National Quality Award examiner

    • dissertation on job satisfaction

    • supervision training and workshops

    • public speaking, training and presentations

  • Collegiate experiences - 

    • dean of students

    • individual student support

    • family assistance

    • work with high-achieving high-school-aged students

    • public speaking, training and presentations


The Story:

Personal, Leadership, and Organizational Development

The most important cultural phenomenon any organization can foster is employee satisfaction. A satisfied and engaged employee will be a better service provider to their direct reports, supervisors, and most importantly, the customers. Retaining quality employees builds loyalty and is financially responsible compared to having a revolving door of employees being hired and quitting in rapid succession. Such turnover is 100% preventable if leadership is willing to take action.

I'm a straight-shooter who uses tact and honesty to help individual professionals, groups, and organizations look at a situation with clarity and make a decision through exploration of possible outcomes. Bringing many years of experience in recruitment, hiring, training, management, leadership, supervision, professional development, disciplinary responses and termination, I will help organizations set the foundation for continuous improvement in their human resource functions.

Organizations seeking a hands-on approach to 360 evaluations will benefit from my experience. Even without a full evaluation, consultations with portions of the organization can also be beneficial to understanding the culture.

I help organizations and individuals get to the core of the matter they are facing. It is not uncommon that the issue is different than the concern. But the only way to find out is through honest, data-driven examination. For organizations and individuals who are ready to work, I am ready to assist.

College Student Success

As a life-long learner, I have continually gained knowledge through my experiences as a student earning three degrees and employee in roles at four different institutions ranging from resident assistant to dean of students. My work with first-generation and underrepresented students has helped students navigate college and enjoy success in many different ways.


If higher education was easy, there would be a 100% graduation rate. Colleges and universities provide quality support programs and services, so why work with me? I can teach students and families how to navigate college, not just get them in the door or help resolve a single challenge.

I've been a Dean of Students - I've seen some things.

When Mom or Dad have a concern and want to call the school, the student almost always says, "NO!" Sometimes Mom or Dad calls and says, "Don't tell my kid I called." As a consultant, I can certainly guide a student or their parents through almost any higher education bureaucracy and the student doesn't have to worry about me giving them a grade, talking to their roommate, or bumping into them in class.

A parent can call me to check on their level of concern; "My kid is going through something, how panicked about this should I be?" I'll give an assessment of the situation as I understand it, offer next possible steps and considerations, and then guide them to campus resources the student can, and  should, contact.
My goal is to empower every one of my students achieve educational success. The path they take may not always be straight or obvious, but if they're willing to work hard as a student, I can help them make the most of their college experience.

  • Doctor of Philosophy
    Capella University, Minneapolis MN

  • Master of Science
    Portland State University, Portland OR

  • Bachelor of Science, Mathematics
    Lewis-Clark State College, Lewiston ID

  • Dean of Students
    South Dakota State University

  • Director of Student Development
    Missouri Academy at Northwest Missouri State University

  • Residential Life Area Coordinator
    Northwest Missouri State University

  • Resident Director
    Lewis & Clark College

  • Coordinator of Residence Life, Resident Director and Resident Assistant
    Lewis-Clark State College

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