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Change Management for Purpose

Context, scale, applicability, and sustainability.

Every idea doesn't need to be THE game changer. But every idea that you listen to and end up implementing is A game changer.

Behaviors that wear a leadership costume are directive, bossy, and in control. Actual leadership responds to the situation and individual in their context, at the right scale for their responsibility, is applicable to their situation, and any solutions or outcomes are sustainable (or defined as short-lived with reason).

If you're a leader who's seen it all, someone with less earned wisdom may come to you with a great new idea that you've seen before. If it makes sense at all to move forward, why not? Just because it's old news to you means nothing to the person proposing it; unless you can offer some guidance.

Once a person takes an idea and is able to see it through, no matter how big or small, they have a tighter connection to the team and the organization. Then if they see their work mature and develop over time, the connection remains strong and they see their purpose in action. The change management opportunities thoroughly flourish in this space.

Leaders might be expected to come up with the "next big thing." Sometimes leaders develop THE game changer. This is rare at every level. But at any level, individuals can change part of their game and positively impact themselves and those around them.

What is one idea that you developed into a game changer?

Photo by Matt Milton on Unsplash

Photo selected because tilt-shift photography uses existing subjects (e.g. a city) and uses technique to make it look like a miniature model. Every idea isn't huge, but every idea has impact.

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