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20/20 in 2020: Your Clear Vision for a New Year

A turn of the calendar helps us take stock of the past year and look ahead to the next. A change in the 10’s column feels more meaningful because it’s less frequent. Make a plan now for how your 2020 is going to shape up. Keep in mind, whatever clarity you have now will be impacted by successes and stumbles along the way. You’re making a living document that is your plan. Here’s the format and plan that can help you maximize success and minimize struggles.

  1. Make a list, check it constantly. Make a list of 4-5 goals for the year. This list might feel great today, but a life change may require a review. Do it, review, revise, adjust, proceed.

  2. Support your goals. Each goal should have 4-5 action steps that will lead to achieving each goal. An action step will serve you better when it is SMART - Strategic - Measurable - Achievable - Realistic - Timely

  3. Find an accountability buddy. This is an important part of achieving your goals. Connect with a friend, colleague, or anyone who will also set goals AND will hold you to account ( Also, an online accountability system such as may be for you.

  4. Celebrate milestones and goals! Celebrate the milestones on the way to the goal, and mean it! Reflect on your successes and let that drive you further. If you fall short of the goal - do the same! Reflect, learn, persist.

  5. Repeat with new goals. Use whatever planning and accountability method works for you. With any luck, you’ve established some healthy habits and are on your way to achieving new goals.

Saying you’re going to achieve something is relatively easy. It’s super easy if there’s no plan to achieve it and no accountability for not having a plan, progress, or success. Even putting yourself “out there” on social media, for example, doesn’t mean much if someone isn’t going to follow-up with you in some way. Your peer humans can be a great resource and, this just in, you can be a helpful human to others. This relationship will be mutually beneficial with additional positive outcomes besides goal achievement!

Make 2020 the year you approach with 20/20 vision. Do your best to minimize anything that clouds an earnest point of view. Approach your goals for the year with a point of view that is as objective as possible.

State the goal, state the plan, celebrate successes, enjoy your achievement!

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