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Your Live Edge

What do you have in common with a live edge table?

Most of our furnishings have very refined surfaces, corners, edges, and finishes. Generally, we tend to like that it it's less expensive to use particle/chip/press board than lumber. Additionally, produced furniture is very easy to find, sometimes in a box with some assembly required.

The live edge product is a different kind of furnishing. The table, for example, may be very similar to the box-and-build table, but the wood grain is more visible. More importantly, one edge looks a lot more like the exterior of the tree it came from. This is the live edge.

When you go to work, even if it's just logging on, do you bring your live edge? It can be very appealing, comfortable, easy, and predictable, when we show up with our live edge not visible. If there's a live edge, it might have weird twists, knots, and frankly, doesn't look like the rest.

That is exactly what makes it awesome! There's uniqueness, a story, different energy, and it is still functional furniture that functions with the rest of the furniture.

When I'm coaching clients, it's not about me. My crystal clear focus is on them. And, I'm still just a human. Occasionally, I'll ask if I may have their permission to speak freely and get a little spicy. They always agree and almost always with a big smile. Then I share my observations in DEI, equity, fair compensation, doing good, effective leadership, or whatever topic about which I am educated that fits the client's situation.

"I really appreciate you sharing that point of view. Your passion is clear and I appreciate how you see my situation from the broader perspective."

This is a very common type of reaction. I'm a coach so I asked permission. I'm informed so I've got a point of view. I'm passionate so I show my live edge. In the right time, place and manner, people like to see the live edge.

When you do get the chance, how do you let your live edge show?

Cover Photo by John Wayne Hill on Unsplash

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