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Four More Years!

In my old career, I heard people talking about opening up a consultancy. I had a very narrow view of what that meant and could be. Any brief consideration led me to the same outcome; that's not for me.

Now I'm celebrating 4 years of my coaching business 360 Clarity and it's entirely different than I imagined. I'm not telling people what's what, I'm helping them discover. I'm not trying to live out my vision for their work, I'm sparking them to accomplish their goals.

Most importantly, I've helped leaders grow in ways they didn't anticipate. Their energy started the coaching journey; I'm fortunate to have been the one to help them either stay the course or find their better path.

I've been able to serve clients in the Spokane, Washington area, across the country, and around the world. I never saw this coming and I'm so fortunate to have had the opportunity!

Thanks to everyone who has been supportive in numerous ways. Looking forward to what adventures year number 5 brings!

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