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I Coach, and Compliment

This is not very coachy of me, but... do not doubt your expertise.

I'm not advocating for acting like you know what you don't or making believe that you know 100% of a topic where you've had exposure to 10% of the information.

For those of us who have enjoyed a few laps around the sun or maybe have taken a deep dive into particular topics or operations, we've gained some knowledge. Over time, that knowledge has been blended with experience to become wisdom.

I'm sharing this because you have skills, tactics, and understandings that you have come by naturally. In addition, others will see you do your thing and be in awe of what you think is very basic and easy.

You have earned the opportunity to think that difficult thing is easy, because you've done the hard work to make it feel easy.

When you make an observation or recommendation but before you say it out loud, you wonder how you know this and your brain says, "You just know." Listen to your brain. Others will need more information, so you may need to get supporting third-party data to support your assertion, but you can move forward looking into that topic knowing your expertise brought you to this point.

Yes, critique your own assertions. Continue to question what you know. Ensure what you believe is what you understand. And, don't keep it to yourself. Your wisdom has been hard-earned not to be hoarded, but to be appropriately shared.

What is one thing that has become second nature to you that others find amazing?

Cover Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

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