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More than Meets the Eye

Who's the guy behind the suit?

Rewind: in the past there were people who we spoke to regularly and had no idea what they looked like. There wasn't Zoom and social media didn't exist, at least not like it does today.

Presently, we can see who a person is in real time through our favorite technology. Even if we're going to call someone, we can search social media to get an idea of...

how they look

where they work

where they went to school

their certifications

their prior work

who likes their work

what they're interested in

It's not bad, but that is the "customer-facing" ready-for-prime-time info.

Who's the guy behind the suit?

We are ALL so much more than our titles and degrees. We have experiences, pride, regrets, aspirations, and contemplations that make us individuals.

Behind the suit, I'm a person who

- likes to hike (hiking buddy cropped out of pic because they don't like social media)

- left a career in higher education for all the right reasons

- procrastinates too much

- is really good at holding space for people to explore who they are and help them move forward with meaning and purpose.

I would never have thought about offering this insight if a "Zoom, no camera" client hadn't asked me, "Who's the guy behind the suit?"

What is something about you that is important to who you are, but is not present (or obvious) in your online presence?

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