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The Ends Justify the Means

This comes up in so many ways. "I don't care what it takes, get it done." "No excuses, just results." "Coffee's for closers, only!" (okay, maybe no actual human in work has said that non-ironically, but it's still a good example).

When we think about the Ends, we tend to think of a singular result. The Ends is bigger and it's more... it always is.

A speedboat might get from start to finish in record time. Physics says there will absolutely be a wake from the boat.

If you've got an employee terrorizing their way from start to finish, they might get the goal, but what's left in their wake? Psychology says there will absolutely be more unseen results in the Ends that are not accounted for in the dollar-value of the goal or even the Means to get there.

I was recently interviewed by Authority Magazine regarding bullying and harassment at work. From an HR/legal standpoint, it is my understanding that those are two separate, but related issues. From a behavioral point of view, both are damaging and can be curbed.

Curbing and stopping bullying and harassing behavior requires courage. Courage to stand up to someone. Courage to maybe not reach that shareholder-pleasing goal. Courage to be the voice where others aren't heard.

Cover GIF from Glengarry Glen Ross produced by Zupnik Enterprises and distributed by New Line Cinema

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